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Grief Guidance & Support


1 Hour Initial Consult with Ongoing Support

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Have you recently lost a loved one and you don't know what to do? Are you possibly in shock and having a hard time making decisions? Do you really need someone to listen you process everything thats happening and then offer helpful support and guidance?

These are the things I wish I would have had when my son passed suddenly and tragically. I have learned a lot since then and one of the most important things I learned, is that we need community during these tragic and painful times. This compels me to offer up everything I have learned, be your guide, and your shoulder to lean on.

We start with a one hour consultation to see where you are in the process, and for you to tell me your story, if you so choose. Then we will make a plan to complete tasks and support you in staying well. The support is ongoing with me, as well as a Facebook community if you are interested in extra support from others who are going through what you're going through, or have "been there, done that".

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