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Trauma Informed Grief Support

Ongoing program for grievers who need support due to trauma that comes from a loved ones passing.

  • 2 hours
  • 188.88 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

My name is Summer Guerrieri and I am offering this support to parents who have had a child, or children, journey ahead of them to the other side of life. I hope to support you in not only learning to live with grief but how to thrive with it. You do not stop grieving your child’s physical absence and this is why I say “with your grief”. From the moment your child left their body, everything you do will be done carrying this grief, pain, and anxiety with you. What if it doesn’t have to be searing pain at all times though? What if you could find ways to help you learn to find joy in even the smallest moments again? Or maybe even for the first time! As a mother of three, two here on Earth and one on the other side, I will teach you everything I have learned since my son, Gianni and two of his best friends, passed in terrible car accident in 2021. I experienced trauma and PTSD-like symptoms after I was told my son was “gone”, I developed "irrational" fears, a fear of the night, of course despair, dark thoughts, and more. I could not sleep, I had (still have a bit) "grief brain" to the point of forgetting about 35% of my vocabulary. In this course you will learn every method I use to not only keep going, but looking forward to each day with hope and optimism, how I have been able to release blame and anger, and how I do these things in honor of my son, Gianni. • I will teach you the herbs that will support positive sleep, support a calm nervous system & a regular, healthy digestive system, including best uses, and more. • I will teach you about flower essences • We will discuss essential oils • We will talk about diet, supplements for brain fog, heart health, and much more. • We will practice yoga for grief support • Learn about transcendental meditation for heart health, brain fog, PTSD, and much more. • We will discuss the importance of state of mind & methods to help us stay focused, grateful, and hopeful. • Daily journal prompts • Recommended Books • Additional support programs, groups • FB Support group with yoga, meditations, and more • We will talk about opening up to signs from your loved ones & explore signs you may have already received I can not promise that the things I teach you will “cure” you, there is no cure here. I can't even promise that you won't cry everyday... but I truly believe we can find joy again, soothe our broken hearts, and support each other in living for our children who aren’t here physically.

Contact Details

  • 1550 Nooseneck Hill Rd, Coventry, RI 02816, USA


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